Doina Moss


Doina’s background is architecture as a profession but the representation through drawing and painting was explored and studied from a very early age, manipulating the artistic language directly within her architectural presentations.

Inspired by her new location around Hampton Court, London, surrounded by powerfully inspiring settings, Doina resumed experimenting with her oil painting studies, by taking further Master Classes, exploring the landscape en plain air in the local area or during travels abroad, depicting the defining sense of a place.

The new collection explores capturing and encapsulating the transience of a moment. The artworks emanate a sense of Now while playing on memory with the feel of the Old Masters decanted through the layering of time, knowledge and progress, taking advantage of the latest developments in technology and presentation, the sharpness of observation with undertones of a compression of historic techniques. Capturing the illusion of movement simultaneously surrounding the subject, as a dimension of the sublime, emphasised by the light changes. Each “frame” is a summary of a longer time span compressed on the canvas.

Exhibitions at RA Salon des Refusés, Romanian Embassy and Romanian Cultural Institute, PAM exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland; Ukrainian Cathedral in Mayfair London; Landmark Arts Centre, Sheldon gallery window displays. 




Artworks available through Leigh Gallery. Contact us.

I have chosen my framing workshop carefully as I was looking for somebody with a strong connection with art. Leigh helped me achieve the style I was searching for, to complement and frame my paintings as a direct continuation of each paintings. The neutral profiles were painted with colours from the painting, each frame establishing the identity of the respective painting. The result is a collection with a homogeneous style while retaining the individual identity. We are experimenting with new and challenging designs, working on prototypes which Leigh is not scared of tackling. I am delighted with the results and we are consolidating our collaboration with every new project we are tackling.
— Doina Moss