We have long tradition in the gallery & picture-framing business, whilst at the same time are proud to be a platform for local artists.


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Do call by to see us, or phone us, for a chat about your project. We very much enjoy the huge variety of material that is brought to us for framing and presentation; being quite happy to deal with a child's first artwork or the family photos; but equally working with living artists to produce conservation framing up to museum standards….and we maintain very competitive prices.

We have an open door to anyone who wishes to present and preserve anything of importance to them.

All work is done on our premises in Hampton Hill.

Here is a list of our areas of expertise.

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We love artists. They are the ones who come to us two days before the exhibition with a small request! They are the ones who are creating images for us to contemplate; to appreciate; to show us areas we hadn't envisioned.

Our favourite work is collaborating with these talented people, and this has incidentally reached in to our own business.

Of our featured artists, Doina Moss now cares for the overall design and research for the gallery and its window displays, and Cristina Schek has designed and developed the webpage you are reading.

Here is a list of some of our featured artists.