Back To Nature | New Window Display

Leigh Gallery in Hampton, photo credit Cristina Schek (35).jpg

Delighted to introduce our new window display ‘Back To Nature’ featuring the amazing works of Sue Roe and Leigh Warnick.

These original prints in our window are all Collagraphs by Sue Roe. 

Leigh Gallery in Hampton, photo credit Cristina Schek (10).jpg

Wondering how are Collagraphs made?

They are made by creating a printing plate which is then inked and wiped. The printing plate is covered by a sheet of paper followed by the printing blankets and the ‘sandwich’ is put through the printing press. Examples of print media are Linocut, Etching, Monoprint, Lithograph, Collagraph. The Collagraph printing plate is collaged with different textures e.g. sand, glue, carborundum, tape, paper, acrylic mediums, tealeaves, in order to achieve different tones and textures. Collagraphs can be printed relief, intaglio or both. The process lends itself to experimentation. You can see here examples of two Collagraphs and the printing plates used to make them.

Collagraphs are a great way of creating uniquely rich and interesting printed imagery.

Our centrepiece is a big scale painting ‘Exploring, A dream’ in bold colours and hypnotic lines, creating a playful effect. A serious feast for the eyes by Leigh Warnick.

Also in the window we have the latest work of Cristina Schek ‘Pretty Fly For A Fungi’

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