Artists who use us exclusively

Featured Artists

We love artists. They are the ones who come to us two days before the exhibition with a small request! They are the ones who are creating images for us to contemplate; to appreciate; to show us areas we hadn't envisioned.

Our favourite work is collaborating with these talented people, and this has incidentally reached in to our own business.

Of our featured artists, Doina Moss now cares for the overall design and research for the gallery and its window displays, and Cristina Schek has designed and developed the webpage you are reading.



Doina Moss  

Doina’s background is architecture as a profession but the representation through drawing and painting was explored and studied from a very early age, manipulating the artistic language directly within her architectural presentations. Find out more.

Cristina Schek

Cristina Schek is a surrealist photographer capturing ideas with the help of her camera and imagination. Find out more.

Stephanie Wilkinson

Brazilian-born artist creating large, colourful acrylic paintings and prints on the theme of travel, interiors and still life. Find out more.



Sue is a local artist working across all genres using a variety of print media. Experimental and intuitive in her approach, she enjoys working with light, texture and colour. Find out more.


Artist-Printmaker Anthony Dyson PhD, RE

 Find out more.


Mary Burtenshaw paints evocative pastel landscapes inspired by her love of the countryside. Find out more.



Leigh Gallery gallery runs a fine-art exhibition programme featuring artwork by local artists working in a variety of mediums

Having had the privilege of exhibiting my prints widely over the years, frequently at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, elsewhere in Britain and a dozen times in France, I am now delighted to discover this gallery practically on my doorstep. I am truly honoured to respond to Leigh’s invitation to show at his efficient new enterprise.
— Anthony Dyson R.E